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Bonita Piña is a direct result of an extended family trip to beautiful Guatemala. Little did we know how much that trip would impact our life's journey! We were so inspired by the vibrant colors, fabrics, and style of the Mayan culture, that we felt compelled to bring these beautiful looks to women everywhere. When we created Bonita Piña, we focused our research efforts on traditional Mayan hair wraps, and "Bonita Bands" were born! By providing design insights, we help Guatemalan artisans showcase their traditional skills and techniques to a broader audience. In building this relationship, our customers have the opportunity to purchase a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory, and the ladies generate a means to provide for their families.

In addition to Bonita Bands, Bonita Piña also offers handmade, fashionable accessories from all over the world, like intricately beaded Mostacilla earrings or winter socks made from Alpaca wool. Bringing these products to you creates income-generating opportunities for craftspeople in developing countries, while also allowing you to glimpse the exotic culture and rich history of the product's origin.

We hope to expand our brand and bring you even more unique and stylish looks at fair prices. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Check back with us often for more products - you never know what we'll find next!


Bonita Piña


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